Refer friends and earn more UO Cash

Refer friends and earn more UO Cash

Refer friends and earn more UO Cash

PRICE: $124.99
In Stock: YES
It will take us about 2-3 days to build all the skills on your account.

120 Archery
120 Anatomy
120 Resisting spells
120 Tactics
100 Healing
75 Chivalry

All Scrolls Included & +25 Stat Please contact us with account info. Every UO account should be equipped with an Archer!

Buy the UO "Legendary Archer Template" from UOTreasures
This store has a Legendary Archer Template to buy with any debit bank or credit card via the use of paypal's website or google's checkout with no account required. Your UO Legendary Archer Template will be ready in minutes!

Using the live chat feature can speed up your delivery by letting the delivery team know thats your ready for your ultima online Legendary Archer Template or Ultima Online orders in-game.

This UO Legendary Archer Template is provided by the UOTreasures store and is available to buy on all shards. UO Treasures is pleased to bring you the best UO Legendary Archer Template for sale in ultima online. Grab your items from our quick delivery team!

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